Orvis Recon Fly Rods

Orvis Recon Fly Rods

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The Orvis Recon provides performance above its price range. The rod is made entirely at their Manchester, VT rod shop and is backed with Orvis's 25-year guarantee.

The 8' 6" 5-weight is a wonderful do-it-all rod. It can cast delicate dry flies on technical water, handle the winter wind here in Livingston, and cast heavier nymph rigs and larger, wind-resistant flies. The shorter length can be a blessing on tight waters. 

The 9' 5-weight is often considered the best setup for trout fishing. You can accurately cast tiny dry flies in technical water, make long mends with a nymph rig, and cast streamers and more wind-resistant dry flies. This rod can even handle our constant Livingston wind!

The 9' 6-weight is a rod for Montana. Montana - where the bugs are bigger, the rivers wider, and the winds stronger. This rod can handle large stoneflies, hopper dropper rigs, streamers, and heavy nymph rigs all while contending with the constant breeze. Looking for the ideal rod for our local waters at an affordable price? You just found it. 

These rods are a 4-piece design and comes with a hard case.