Sage Pulse Fly Rods

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From Sage -

"Designed from scratch by our world-class R&D team and tested on the water around the globe, the PULSE is Sage’s multi-application/fast action family of fly rods built with our Graphite IIIe backbone. Graphite IIIe technology ensures power and durability, providing fast action performance and a connected feel. Handcrafted right here on Bainbridge Island and finished with custom-designed componentry and eye-catching cosmetic details, the PULSE will be your workhorse fly rod with show horse looks."

The Pulse is built using different technology than many Sage rods, allowing it to come in at a lower price point. That doesn't mean it skimps on performance or value! This fast action rod is a do-it-all powerhouse that can handle anything our area can throw at it.

The 9' 4-Weight is a great long-reaching dry fly rod, and ideal for smaller waters in Yellowstone National Park and around our local area. It's delicate enough to present flies in technical situations, and has enough backbone to cast larger dries like smaller stoneflies and big attractors. 

The 9' 5-Weight is a great dry fly rod that can handle smaller nymph rigs and small streamers. The 5-weight is often called the best all-around trout rod, and this one lives up to that moniker. It has the backbone to cast in the wind and fish larger, heavier flies but remains delicate enough to fish technical dry flies when needed.

The 9' 6-Weight is ideal for larger dry flies, heavy nymph rigs, and streamer fishing. If you want a rod to fish year round without breaking the bank, you've found it. Given our nearly constant wind here in Livingston and the larger waters we often find ourselves fishing, a 6-weight is an excellent choice for a do it all fly rod. 

Made in the USA.