Fly Fishing Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gift can be an overwhelming task. We’re here to help make things easier for you. Anglers love gear - and there is a dizzying array of options available. Below are some great Christmas gift ideas for the fisherman in your life, from stocking stuffers all the way up to fine options if someone has been extra good this year! 

Fishpond Magnetic Fly Holder 

Even if they’ve already got one of these (which they probably don’t!), the fisherman on your list needs one. Anglers always need more places to put flies and this fly puck hides a special secret - a magnetic base. While it does a good job of holding flies of all sizes and styles it is particularly useful for the tiny midges and winter flies we’ll be using a lot of in the coming months. Need a stocking stuffer? You just found it. 


You always need more glassware. Always. We’ve got a variety of options available, from colorful DeYoung prints to more stark line drawings of fish in pint glasses, rocks glasses and even coffee mugs. Reasonably priced, it all makes the perfect stocking stuffer. One item in particular we are very excited about is the dual purpose coffee mug and can cooler from MFC. This comes with three different uses - a coffee mug to keep drinks hot, a straw to drink cold drinks with, and a lid to hold a tall can in place. 

Fishpond Packs 

Fishpond has been at the forefront of the fly fishing pack and vest game for a very long time. Their products are well made, durable, comfortable and importantly functional. It’s easy to stay well organized and capable out on the water with a Fishpond pack. We’ve got a great selection of packs and bags of all sizes - we know everyone has their preferences and different use cases. If you need help finding the perfect one just ask! 

Simms Coldweather Shirt  

The Simms Coldweather Shirt has remained a popular option year after year, and it’s easy to see why. The micro-grid fleece on the interior wicks moisture and adds lots of warmth for the size, and keeps the shirt from getting too bulky as other insulation materials might. Wear it as a shirt, wear it as a layer, or wear it as an outer jacket on more mild days - this one is sure to be favorite all winter long. 

Mimi Matsuda Art 

Mimi Matsuda is a local artist well known for her inclusion of animals in outdoor activities. We’ve long been fans of her work, and have several sizes and price points available. From cards and small prints, all the way up to a full size fish painting, we’ve got something for everyone and every budget. 

Kid’s Stuff

We LOVE to see kids get excited about fly fishing. It’s even better when Santa can loop them into the sport. From the absolutely awesome Echo Gecko kids rod combo to stuffed trout, kids books, and board games, there’s a good selection of gifts for the kids here at the shop. We’ve also got some kid’s sized hats and apparel that’s perfect for the river too! 

Fly Tying Kits 

Winter is a fly tying season. It’s a great way to stay excited about fly fishing without having to deal with icy guides and cold feet. Many people find the act of tying flies as enjoyable as fishing them! For the beginner fly tyer, a fully loaded kit is a great place to start. Umpqua Feather Merchants has compiled a wonderful kit with everything you need paired with really well done instruction. For those more advanced, we’ve got tool kits that any fly tyer would be thrilled to have waiting under the tree for them. 

Orvis RecoveryZone Dog Bed

Your best fishing buddy needs a gift too! We are very excited about the new Orvis RecoveryZone dog beds. A mix of two types of foam help your dog rest easier and recover faster, which means you can get them back on the water, in the boat, or on the trails sooner. These are some of the best dog beds available today.

G3 Waders and Flyweight Boots 

No fly fishing gift guide would be complete without a wader and boot combo. Our choice this year is the Simms G3 Guide waders and Simms Flyweight Boots. This combo is designed for years of use and abuse, as well as comfort and usability. While we’re all thrilled to wet wade and leave waders at home all summer long, the right pair of waders extends your season tremendously. The Simms G3 is made just down the road in Bozeman and features guide quality materials and cut to keep you active and dry when you need it most. The Flyweight boots offer superior grip in a lightweight package. Lighter wading boots make it so much easier to get places others won’t go! 

Winston Air 2 and Abel Custom Reel

If someone you’re shopping for has been Extra good this year, why not get them the gift they’ll keep talking about forever? A Winston Air 2 paired with a custom painted Abel reel is a once in a lifetime gift that will stand up for generations of use. High end craftsmanship, paired with stunning aesthetics and unbeatable performance make a winning combination.