25 May, 2024 - Livingston Area Trail Report

Happy Memorial Day weekend folks! This weekend seems as good a time as any to get our trail reports back up and running. Our good friend Steve Caldwell has been out quite a bit and had this to say: 

Suce Creek Loop (this morning): finally almost completely snow-free, although tacky (not muddy, but that'll change over the next few days) in spots. Plenty of wildflowers along the ridge, mostly west of the Livingston Peak trail junction - biscuitroot, pasqueflower, arrowleaf balsamroot, you name it - and glacier lilies along the creekside trail portion (FS trail 44). The Lost Creek crossing doesn't yet have too much water for boots, but the Suce Creek crossing is probably best made via the two down logs, versus trusting wet boulders. There's a fair number of down trees and branches, mostly from the wind event last week, but everything is pretty navigable.

George Lake Trail (Sunday): trail is dry as far as the usual north-facing spot, and it's already seen some bike traffic. The 25 yards of north-facing seems pretty navigable for hiking and bike-portaging, and the trail is dry beyond that.

South Deep Creek (Monday morning): trail is dry as far as the house rock on the west end of the bench section, with spotty patches of boot-deep snow above that. Very few down trees, and plenty of wildflowers along the first quarter mile of trail. It was snowing when I was up there, but not much accumulation, so this should be a good choice for a spring hike.

Dale was out later this week after the snow storm and hiked to Pine Creek Falls. He said this: 

Here’s your post storm, Pine Creek trail report from Thursday evening. There’s anywhere from 3-6” of very heavy, wet snow blanketing the mountains at that elevation. The road to the trailhead is easily passable. Thank goodness for the much needed moisture. Expect this trail and most others in the area to be a wet and perhaps muddy mess in the coming days as the weather warms. Perhaps by Sunday, they may dry out some. 

Plan your footwear accordingly and try to tread lightly. Shrubs are just beginning to burst out in their spring foliage, and the grasses are, GREEN, particularly in the valley. It looks like we have the makings of a beautiful next few days. We hope you have an opportunity to get outside and explore this weekend. 

Please let us know if you have any questions about area trails, and we also appreciate you sharing trail conditions and your experiences with us.

The Custer Gallatin National Forest Ranger service posted an update about a grizzly bear encounter in the Six Mile Trailhead area. Be bear aware out there!