5 May, 2023 - Livingston Area Hiking Trail Condition Report

With the recent warm up, folks are wanting to get outside and are asking a lot of questions regarding the status of our local trails. Here’s a quick update from our intrepid hiker friend, Steve Caldwell, along with contributions from Dale and Jordan. Conditions are changing by the day. If you happen to get out, share with us your experience.

Suce Creek

The road is drivable to within a ¼ mile of the trailhead. The trail is hikeable to the log bridge (3/4 mile from trailhead), but is snow covered with post-holing beyond that point.

Mill Creek

The gate on the main road at Snowbank opened on May 1. The trails are beginning to dry out and are hikeable, particularly anything that isn’t north facing, including; Jomaha, East Dam Creek, and the Bull Dozer road. Steve hiked Bull Dozer on 5/3 and other than a north facing short stretch about 1.5 miles up, the way was clear of snow for 3 miles at least.

South Fork Deep Creek

The road is snow free and open to the trailhead. The trail is clear of snow through the meadow with intermittent snow until the bridge, but easily passable. After the bridge, the trail is clear of snow, which isn’t surprising given its south facing aspect.

Pine Creek

The road is passable to the trailhead. The trail is intermittent clear/snow covered, but easily manageable to the falls.

Passage Creek Falls

The gate at Snowbank on the main Mill Creek Road opened on May 1. The trail to Passage Creek Falls is snow free with the exception of the last ½ mile that has intermittent snow.

Remember to Leave no Trace and carry bear spray. Stop in our store right on Park Street before you head out for great gear, answers to your questions, and further suggestions on other hiking destinations.

Enjoy getting outside!