15 November, 2021 - Yellowstone River and Livingston Area Fly Fishing Report

It finally feels a bit more like fall! Late last week we had some snow in town, and our mountains got a much needed moisture boost. Looking ahead, we should see temps start to trend downward and you can really tell that fall is in full swing. Is this a good thing for fishing? Yes and no. 

Yes, it is good for fishing in that these cloudy days are a bit more friendly for anglers instead of the bright, sunny days we’ve had so many of lately. The sunshine is great, but when you’re looking for BWOs or pulling streamers all day the cloud cover is much welcome. Adapt your colors for the duller light and have at it. 

The Yellowstone has been fishing alright, with cloudy days outperforming sunny ones. There isn’t much for dry fly action, but you might find some scattered Baetis here and there. Head for the spring creeks if you’re after that! Nymphing with perdigons, lightning bugs and dead drifted streamers has been the most consistent. 

Streamer action has been pretty good this time of year too. Keep changing colors, profiles, actions, and sizes until you find what they’re after. Be sure to keep mixing up your retrieve. Often a subtle change in your stripping cadence can make the difference between an eat or not. As the water temps drop this time of year, the fish will generally become more lethargic, so start with a slower pace. 

The wind is one thing to keep in mind on the Yellowstone this time of year. From now until late spring, you can expect it to be windy. Not just a gentle breeze, but WINDY. Even if moisture isn’t in the forecast bring the rainjacket to cut the wind and brush up on your casting. Practicing for a breezy saltwater trip? Come fish the ‘Stone in late fall and winter and you’ll get plenty of practice in the wind. 

The rest of our area rivers are in good shape right now, with about the same report. Not much for dry flies, nymphing is the most consistent, with streamers bringing some nice fish still. The waters will be much less crowded this time of year, especially on the blustery bad weather days. Yellowstone National Park has closed for the season but that just means it’s time to start planning ahead for next year’s adventures! 

If you have an angler in your life, now is a great time to start thinking about Christmas gifts. Come shop our complete selection of rods, reels, accessories, packs, waders and much more and find the perfect gift before it’s gone. If you’re headed out on the water this weekend, good luck and stop in for the flies and info you need.