23 July, 2021 - Yellowstone River and Livingston Area Fly Fishing Report

Well, it finally happened. The Yellowstone River was placed on Hoot Owl fishing restrictions effective Wednesday at 2pm. Things are hot out there these days, and you have to adjust your days accordingly. If you’re an early riser, things are golden. Get up early and get out there. Temps on the river have been dropping down to a manageable level and the fishing has been decent. 

We recently published a blog about some tips for fish health in warm water, read up on them here

We’re in a bit of a late summer pattern on the Yellowstone. Things are hot, and things are low. Caddis are the predominant hatch, with some yellow sallies here and there. The hoppers are right on the cusp of being awesome. There are a ton of them around, and as they molt into adults and begin to fly, a bunch of them are going to end up in the river. It’s going to be a good hopper season! 

The list of waters under a Hoot Owl restriction is getting long. You can get the full list on the Montana FWP website. This is a pretty drastic series of closures and restrictions, especially for this early in the season. Fingers crossed for more rain and cooler temps as the summer wears on! 

This time of year is ideal for pursuing other waters - such as high mountain lakes and cold streams. These waters can offer a great challenge and some incredible fishing, as well as show you some scenery that is truly remarkable. Find a good map, search out the interesting spots, and dust off the hiking boots. 

With water temps rising, another opportunity could be pursuing more warmwater species. While we don’t have bass and carp right in our neighborhood, they can be found within a reasonably close drive. Fly fishing for those species is an emerging sport in Montana, and for good reason! 

Stay cool out there, stop fishing on restricted waters by 2pm, and keep those fish safe! Go to bed a bit early and be on the water early. A sunrise over the Yellowstone River is hard to beat! As always, stop in the shop or give us a call at 406.222.1673 for the latest info and news.