28 May, 2021 - Yellowstone River and Livingston Area Fishing Report

Not much has changed since last week’s report. The Yellowstone is running high, but surprisingly has some clarity and patient anglers are catching a few fish. Conditions remain day to day and we expect it to go out any time now. The winter weather and cooler temps we had last weekend slowed the big runoff push a bit, with flows dropping down to around 8,000cfs. With warmer temps expected this week we’ll be watching the flow go up and up! Check real time flows with the streamflow gauge here

So what should you do with the Yellowstone blown out? 

There are a few good options. We are fortunate to have several great tailwaters pretty close. The Madison, Henry’s Fork and Missouri are all great choices this time of year. Water might be higher, clarity might be slightly off, but they are very fishable. Spring fishing on these rivers draws a lot of anglers, so be ready to see other people out there. We’ve heard the big bugs are out on the Henry’s Fork! 

The big news this weekend is the opening of Yellowstone National Park to fishing tomorrow, Saturday, May 29. Don’t forget that the Park requires its own fishing license. This is the first year you can buy those online, or come down to the shop and pick one up. Much of the NE corner is blown out at the moment, such as the Lamar, Slough Creek, and Soda Butte. We’d recommend heading toward the Madison and Firehole this time of year. 

Expect a lot of people to be in the Park this weekend, so please be patient. The Park opener is a special day for many, good luck to all those making the trip! 

Spring creeks and stillwaters remain a great option right now with our freestone rivers and streams in runoff conditions. Remember that while runoff can be frustrating, it’s a good thing! The longer it lasts, the better from a snowpack perspective. Conditions can change quickly, give us a call at 406.222.1673 or stop in to get the latest info, flies, and gear.