30 April 2021 - Yellowstone River and Livingston Area Fishing Report

It’s going to be a hot one today! The forecast is calling for temps in the low 80s today. This hot weather is going to push flows up and clarity down on the Yellowstone. The actual weekend is supposed to be much more mild, so hopefully things will stay at a fishable level through next week. 

Mother’s Day Caddis are what’s on everyone’s mind right now. Are they here? Will they pop this weekend? We’re getting scattered reports of a few bugs here or there - Rick and Minori saw some caddis at Emigrant on Wednesday, and several singles were seen along the dike in Livingston yesterday. Joe Fay had some luck on the parachute caddis in town last night! Expect a smattering of caddis along with BWOs and March Browns this weekend. 

The caddis nymphs are starting to stage up along the banks and in shallower water for the emergence. Fishing a caddis pupa can be a good option right now, and once the water temp hits the magic number of 54 degrees - it’s game on. We have heard reports of a few fish looking up and eating off the top but it should continue to get better.

If you don’t have a dedicated Mother’s Day Caddis pattern, a darker olive or black Elk Hair Caddis will work just fine. Have some emergers and pupa patterns in the box to cover hatch stages and be ready to change and adapt as the situation warrants. 

As water temps rise and clarity reduces as we near spring runoff, always be super careful. Whether you are wading or floating, it can be more challenging to see where you are floating or stepping and the increased water flow can make things go sour quickly. Get some studs in your boots, use a wading staff if you need it, and always be watching downstream when you’re in the boat. 

Other waters are fishing well. Expect the hot weather this past week to bump flows across the board, especially on smaller freestones such as the Gallatin and Boulder. Stillwaters are still a great option as fish are hungry and feisty after a long winter under the ice. It should be a good weekend to get outside! 

Looking for the most up to date info on the Mother’s Day Caddis? Stop by the shop or call 406.222.1673. Come by and stock up on flies before the main hatch hits!