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Dan Bailey’s Boot Fitting Services

Foot Assessment   Refundable with purchase of boot modifications $50

Digital foot scan to determine accurate dimensions and a potential last width. A physical examination to determine the range of motion and any limitations due to injury or lack of mobility, and a conversation about expectations and experience will result in a recommendation of several boots that are the best potential fit.

Custom Molded Footbeds $225

Custom-made in-house to be the perfect vacuum-molded image of your feet to bring your boot fit and ski experience to a whole new level.

Custom Heat Molded Foam Liners $235

Intuition and Scarpa brand heat moldable replacement liners will re-invigorate any boot and improve your touring, racing, freeride, or comfort demands. Heat Molding included.

Heat Molding Liners $60

Heat molding liners from any and all alpine and touring boot manufacturers: Intuition, Scarpa, Dynafit, Scott, Dalbello, La Sportiva, and more.

Custom Foam injected Liners $299

BootDoc custom foam-injected replacement liners use a bi-component catalyzing foam to create a performance fit, that is unattainable in stock production liners. An amazing upgrade for any alpine ski boot.

Shell Modifications   Shop hourly labor rates apply $20+

We can do amazing modifications to help your boot shell accommodate the unique lumps and bumps your feet bring to the equation.

Shell Repairs   Shop hourly labor rates apply $20+

Buckle replacement, sole replacement, ankle rivets, cuff locks, almost anything that can fail or fall off your shell can be repaired or replaced.

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