Twin Lakes are accessed via the Big Timber Canyon trailhead on the eastern side of the Crazy Mountains. Big Timber Falls are within ten minutes of the trailhead, to which your reaction might be, “Wow, I usually have to hike much further to get to a place this spectacular.” Big Timber Falls is just one of the many cascades on this hike.

Continuing, the trail gains elevation at a manageable pace as it plots a course up the Canyon. The trail travels through mostly open terrain, allowing one to appreciate the beauty and ruggedness of the special mountain range. About two thirds of the way, the trail passes the Blue and Granite Lakes trail on the left. These lakes are another great Crazy Mountain destination. Remember them for another day.

Plan on spending some time at Twin Lakes--the sheer beauty will increase your reluctance to leave. Watch for animals big and small, goats primarily. It is hard to go to this place without seeing them.

Remember to tread lightly and leave no trace.

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Here's how to get to the trailhead: