Our full service ski shop is here to repair, maintain, and optimize your gear for the best performance possible out on the mountain. You can bring your skis in or call 406.222.1673 to see how far out we are. 

Our services and prices are: 

Cross Country Wax - $15
AT / Alpine Wax - $20
Snowboard Wax x - $25
All Edge - $15 
Ski Tune (Wax, Edge, Belt, Stone) - $50 
Snowboard Tune - $55
Tune and P Tex - $65+ (depends on extent of damage)
Cross Country Mount - $35
AT Mount with Jig - $50
Alpine Mount with Jig - $50 
Fill Old Binding Screw Holes - $15 (set of skis)

For edge repair, mounts without jig, and other repairs our techs will quote you an hourly rate if possible. 

If you buy at least 2 of 3 of boots, bindings or skis from us, the mount and initial wax are free!